The Menstrual cup’s best friend

Mme L’Ovary and the menstrual cup make a dream team!

Many menstrual cup fans use Mme L’Ovary as an additional back up tool to the cup.

protects against leakage

If the cup leaks, Mme L’Ovary acts as an eco-friendly panty liner.

Our Mme L’Ovary panties are made of different types of fabrics placed in a precise order and design to create a maximum absorption while being leak-proof. Among other things, they are made of cotton fleece and of PUL (also used to manufacture cloth diapers) and with absorbent fabrics!

Each of Mme L’Ovary’s removable pad has the same effectiveness as a disposable pad, while being reusable.

Can be used as an additional tool…

During the night

According to several gynecologists, the menstrual cup should not remain more than 4 to 6 hours in our vagina.

It is strongly recommended to have an overnight alternative.

During the light flow days

There’s no need to wear the menstrual cupon light flow days.

You can count on our underwear in those moments when you have less need for protection.

To avoid carrying the cup continuously

It is not necessary to wear the menstrual cup on light flow days. Ifyou feel sensitive or you have cramps, wait for it to pass before putting the cup in. You can count on our underwear.

Best “BA’CUP”!

The Cup & Mme L’Ovary





More comfort

The cup remains a “foreign object” inside our vagina.
It creates a small pressure in the lower abdomen and can amplify the intensity of cramps.
This is why many women feel a sense of well-being by allowing the natural flow
without the discomfort of an object that holds it in.


First try and I’m thrilled!
Comfortable, discreet, and high-quality fabric, without leakage, zero waste, easy to maintain, pretty … Mme L’Ovary is perfect in every way.

Melissa L.


“Great product!
Review by Julie L. on 9 Sep 2019review stating Super product!!

Very fast delivery.
Beautiful and comfortable products!

Stépahnie L.


I love it!

review stating I LOVE THEM.

I love the concept of zero-waste, super comfortable, really easy to maintain, only positive things to say.

Natacha S.